Wednesday, February 25, 2015

today we will talk about parents not wanting you to date a boy of a different race. my dad is not very happy with my boyfriend being adopted from africa and that he is african american. he is adopted by a white family who treats me like their daughter but my dad doesn't agree with any of it i hate it so much that my family doesn't want me to be happy but long story short if this was your decision would you choose your family or the man of your dreams. it doesn't matter race or religion i want to be happy and if this is your choice what makes you happy not every one around you. comment what you think......


  1. very sticky situation you have there it really is your choice and only you can decide just think which would be worse without living with in your life

  2. Wow this is such a tough situation! I would never want to make such a decision for you! My advice is go with your heart but also listen to your head, whatever you choose I hope it is the right decision. Great post, please checkout my blog Another Teen On The Web

  3. It's a hard situation you got there. You know if you were 20 oder like 30 I would have said the man but you are 14. At the end of the day your family is your family and they will always be there for you. I know it's a hard decision and I sadly can't tell you wich way is right and wich is wrong but just think like this: in 10 years who will be next to you? Or better said: who do you want to be next to you?
    Really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a very intresting and kind person. I hope you like what you do because I do :) keep Blogging :]

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  4. It may be hard, but you really just need to focus on what you believe is right. If you and the guy truly love each other, then it's hard to find. But keep in mind that parents just want the best for their children. Take care as you decide what to do!